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Some Tips and Tricks of Donkey Kong country 2 Roms

To win shield in Donkey Kong country 2 rom, you need to complete lots of quests. The game is second part of Donkey Kong Country Series that was launched in 20 November 1995 In America.  This particular series is available for the virtual consol. If you are 3D game lover surely the game will not meet your expectations. It is associated with 53 levels which is little bit complicated. All you need to complete levels in the eight different worlds. You need to give protection to the Donkey Kong.  According to professionals, you will find following enemies in game -
•    Rats
•    Bees
•    Kremilings
To complete a level you have to do fight with a boss. If you are hit by the boss then character will automatically leave the screen. If you are looking for important tips and Tricks of Donkey kong there is a need to check out following information carefully.
•    Attributes
You have to cope with environmental effects such as Rain and thunder storms. To survive in the underwater there is a need to customize the setting properly. After that, you should kill the fishes and bees in the underwater sections.  If you want to earn lots of Kremcoin you need to play bonus game and then kill the enemies. Plenty of barrels are available in the game which are used by particular character only. After collecting balloons you will earn almost 100 bananas. Ultimately, Donkey Kong country 2 is incredible that totally depends on the Attributes.
•    Beginning levels
After starting the new level, you will find a particular note stating that Kong has been kidnapped. According to the Gamers, king is demanding for lots of bananas. Therefore, to protect the Donkey Kong one has to take lots of important steps.  You have to cope with monsters and reach at lost world with ease. After completing each level, user will able to complete 102% completion score with ease. Ultimately, all things depend on the actions and attributes only.
•    Monkey museum
All you need to choose a perfect character Cranky Kong that is available in the Monkey museum. The character is demanding as it provides suggestions and comic relief.  It is perfect option especially for the beginners as they are served with plenty of guidance.  They are providing plans to the special players because they can easily switch among completed worlds.  Ultimately, you need to make the use of perfect character and powers in order to advance to higher levels.
•    Quests
You should tap on the setting and then complete the quests carefully. There is a need to read details of quests properly and then reach to secret world without facing any problem.
Additionally, millions of folks are appreciating the graphics and Gameplay of the Game. No doubt, graphics are really impressive. It is quite similar to the 3D animation games. Nintendo is providing fantastic game in terms of Graphics, Control and Fun Factor. As a keen gamer, you must try to play the game properly and try to crack the winning code.